Chicago Hospitality Accountable 
Actions Database (CHAAD),
was founded in June of 2020 to hold the Chicago hospitality industry accountable to public statements of Black Lives Matter. We are re-imagining how we all engage our favorite bars and restaurants.




The health and well-being of hospitality workers need to be front and center during COVID-19 and with the pandemic affecting different marginalized identities disproportionately many establishments may not be doing enough. Our work with CHAAD is to make the establishment’s COVID policies transparent, safe and equitable. 
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The CHAAD Project Team

Our CHAAD team brings decades of experience in hospitality, art, design, data collection, project management, entertainment, writing, and more to this project. As we work through building our project we will be holding ourselves accountable to the same standards we hold other establishments to and will be transparent with our processes.

CHAAD + Black Lives

CHAAD started as two hospitality industry co-worker's developing a statement of solidarity and demands to ensure Black Lives Matter at their place of work. It has since grown into a living community project with the purpose of reparative work into the Black lives that have put so much work into the success of the industry. While we grow and learn we are doing our best to share what we find with our community. 


CHAAD + Media

Our desire is to showcase the brilliance, creativity and humanity of the people making Chicago hospitality what it is. Through content creation geared towards uplifting voices throughout our industry we aim to shape the culture towards a healthy, sustainable and holistic one.
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CHAAD Events

We are re-imagining new ways to keep in community and enjoy good food, drinks, and entertainment while staying socially distant and healthy. By employing local artists and entertainers CHAAD will create space to showcase local talent, educate, and inspire change and accountability.
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CHAAD Education

How can we use data to shift the culture? What questions can we ask to find solutions to the unique challenges of our industry? As we learn more, we find more opportunities to educate, empower and uplift. We hope to expand our knowledge base around what people truly need and create content, connections and resources to support our community.
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CHAAD Futures

CHAAD’s information will function as a centralized place accessible to anyone seeking to protect themselves or hospitality workers. This will give hospitality workers needed opportunities for accountability and healing from their employers. In addition, businesses will thrive having access to fully laid out plans of action for building equitable establishments. Consumers will be able to incorporate the quality of establishments equitable practices when choosing which establishments to frequent or support. 
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Do you have general questions, comments, concerns, or feedback in relationship to your place of work as a hospitality worker? Tell us why you came by today and we will try to get you connected to the resources you need. 


Are you an employee, employer, guest? Would you like to let us know about a place of business and their COVID-19 Safety Protocols?


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We recognize there is a lot of work to be done, we also value growth, celebration and sustainability. Please be sure to report positive examples of Hospitality leaders that are taking action and doing good work.